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Rusty Lantern Market!


Rusty Lantern Market is a deli that has multiple locations in Maine. The deli, which is also a convenience store, has been open for 1.5 years in Topsham, Brunswick, Portland and South Portland. Food and Beverage director, Michelle (pictured along with kitchen manager, Jason, at Topsham), reports that their customers “enjoy the clean clear look of the screens, and it creates a more upscale look.” Stop in for some gas and stay for a sandwich or some coffee!

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Are You Using Your Menu Board to its Full Potential?

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-3-01-44-amMany more restaurants and companies such as Cracker Barrel’s Holler & Dash, are shying away from traditional signage to digital signage. In a world that is so technologically advanced, make sure you are using your menu board to its full potential to stay ahead of the competition.

Make sure your menu board has a design that is catchy and fitting to the atmosphere of your restaurant. Chalkboard menus can be a pain to update daily or even seasonly. Menuat offers a chalkboard design, giving you your fun atmosphere without the hassle or mess.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Do you have a picture of one the items your restaurant offers? Instead of just item names and prices, show the customer what great meal they are about to purchase. You can even make a slideshow to show multiple items.

Social media is all the rage. Show customers what awesome comments others visitors are making about your restaurant by integrating a Facebook or Instagram account to your menu board.

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