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FDA Menu Labeling Resource Guide

Today FDA is releasing the final ruling for a new set of guidelines for the Menu Labeling Provision of the Affordable Care Act. These new guidelines require all franchises, vending machine companies, movie theaters, concession stands, and any other similar retail food-type establishments with more than 20 units to accurately display the calorie count of all menu items on paper menus as well as menu boards.

Here is a resource guide to help you navigate the new regulations:

FDA Resource Guide

US Federal Register Guide

FDA Press Release

Now more than ever Digital Menus will help restaurant owners stay on top of their printing costs, especially for those restaurants who shop around for different brands of indigents. Every time the brand of an ingredient is changed, the calorie count of the menu item will change as well. To stay compliment with these new laws, restaurant owners will have to change their menus often.

These new regulations will take effect on December 1, 2015.