Why Are Digital Menus Thriving?

Six Reasons Menuat Lives Up To The Hype

Restaurant owners are presented with hundreds of choices and decisions on a daily basis. Many of these decisions surround their most prized possession, their menu. Menus can take on many forms like a simple single page of paper, chalk boards, menu books and now there are entire sub categories based on the newer digital frontier alone. Digital menus can be displayed on television monitors, projection screens, mobile phones, websites, tablets and more. While many restauranteurs are ready to embrace digital menus, others are hesitant to adopt this emerging technology. So let’s break down the top six reasons our digital menus are taking the lead.


1.) Your Brand’s Identity and Promise

Digital menus are one of the many things that your customers will see each and every time they enter a restaurant. The digital menu represents the restaurant’s tone, aesthetic, brand, selections, specials and more. Menu boards are a reliable, consistent message to the patrons even when staff members may be under the weather, in the weeds or otherwise distracted. By going digital with Menuat, business owners are never restricted to templates, forms, colors or fonts. Menuat’s custom design service will seamlessly reinforce the brand you have built.


2.) Images, Animations, Full Video, Interactive Content

Digital Menus can do so much more than their chalkboard or static counterparts. The digital world can feature simple or complex animations, full video or can be made interactive with touchscreen capabilities. Digital Menus can be automatically day-parted to display the breakfast menu until it is scheduled to switch to the lunch menu.


3.) Leverage Social Media

Google is constantly changing the algorithms that define a website’s organic ranking, sometimes with little warning and even less explanation. One component that seems to be weighted more each time is a business’ social media footprint. Digital menu boards can incorporate those feeds in real time directly on the board. This allows for business owners to instantly engage with their customers, build brand loyalties and attract the younger demographics. Social media outlets can work hand-in-hand with digital menu boards to relay information to a fan base like a change in hours, daily specials, event announcements and other newsworthy messages.


4.) Cost Savings, Going Green

Many business owners can save on reprinting traditional menu boards for changes, and reduce dollars spend on printed to-go menus. Menuat creates digital menus with HTML 5 responsive design, so creating a digital menu with a mobile-friendly counterpart allows restaurant’s customers to always have the most up-to-date version of the menu in their pocket.


5.) Menuat Designers Are Second-To-None

Digital menus are a customer-facing marketing vehicle. So much time and energy goes into creating a logo, tagline, colors and menu items. With a well designed digital menu, those efforts can be followed through. Menuat’s in-house design studio, has worked with respected brands like: Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Dallas Cowboys and Blue Marble Brands.


6.) Easy To Update Content

Menuat’s proprietary content management system is specifically designed to make a restaurant owner’s day easier. Menu updates can be made quickly and easily with our cloud-based CMS. Updates can be made from any device with an internet connection from computers to tablets to mobile phones. By going digital, your menu is always up to date.

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