Is Your Menu Social Media Official?

With digital menu boards being so technologically advanced, almost anything is possible. Social Media Integration is at the top of that list.

Many businesses are finding that having multiple platforms of social media and keeping those accounts up to date is becoming more and more important. Not only is it an effective way to advertise and connect with current customers, outsiders also turn to these platforms to view how these businesses interact with their customers.  They want to see customer reviews and comments, also how quickly and well the business reacts to these interactions. Digital SignageToday states that 84% of people using social media trust peer content over brand content. Here at Menuat, we offer social media integration to your menu.

Pros to social media integration:

  • Staying up-to-date with technology
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Having great customer comments displayed right on your menu!

Check out S’macks Burgers & Shakes integrated menu!image4

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Anna Maria Oyster Bar

AMOB Pier Starting 20 years ago on the Anna Maria City Pier, Anna Maria Oyster Bar has won the hearts of many. Since then the “We’re More Than Just Oysters” restaurant has popped up in 3 other locations in Bradenton and Ellenton, FL. There are 3 table service restaurants and you will find our digital menuboard in their fast casual location. Having been one of our customers for 8 months now, they love being able to change the menu due to product inventory at the drop of a hat. While they are a seafood restaurant, they offer land lover favorites as well. Stop in the next time you’re by the pier!

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Did You Know Menuat is Partnered with Samsung?

One of our greatest achievements as a technology company was partnering with Samsung. There are 15 other Samsung SMART Signage platform partners in the nation and Samsung features us as one of the best designs of digital menuboards. This partnership allows us to work with the Samsung development platform to improve software and gives us access to the newest features immediately.Samsung Cafe Display

Our customers have the opportunity to use these SMART TVs and benefit from the features they offer. These slim and elegant devices present durable, commercial grade usage, and crystal clear image quality 24/7. Also, they already have a built in media player so we won’t have to send you extra hardware!

We love being partnered with Samsung! (Just look how excited our CEO, Jeff, is!)

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Meet Alex!

AlexMeet Alex, our support tech! Originally from Venezuela, he moved to the US at a young age. He is currently studying marketing management at Western Governor’s University. He has always been interested in coding and self taught HTML, CSS, Java Script, and most recently the Swift program to create iPhone apps. He is a big fan of music and enjoys playing guitar and piano. Give him a call with your support questions!


Meet Stewart!

StewartMeet the newest member of the Menuat team, Stewart! He recently graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Business Management. Diving into a sales role with a Fortune 500 company allowed him to gain valuable experience in client relations. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, surfing and staying active. Welcome to the team Stewart!

Schedule a demo with him here!

toppings bar
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toppings bar

Rancheros is a tex-mex restaurant that started out in Douglas, GA in 2007. There are 2 other current locations in Waycross and Tifton. The “build your own” style mexican food offers over 25 different toppings, which can also be grilled, for each menu item such as burritos, tacos, or quesadillas. Since switching over to Menuat’s digital menuboards in 2015, Rancheros has used their boards to not only present their menu more clearly, but showcase community events, catering options, and featured menu items like their beloved white cheese dip! Keep an eye out for more locations opening in Dublin, Jesup and Moultrie, GA.


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New Leaf Vapor Co.


Ketterman_151207_5237New Leaf Vapor Company opened in northeastern Florida back in 2007. When the owner, Ben, discovered electronic cigarettes he decided to make them his career. They adopted Menuat’s digital menus in 2015 in order to cut down on having to constantly replace paper menus due to always having new flavors. Because they have 8 locations it is very easy to update all menuboards company wide, saving more time and money. The staff loves how unique the digital menuboards are in the vaping industry, helping them stand out from other competing businesses. “We absolutely love the technology and Menuat’s awesome customer support.” Ready for a new flavor? Visit one of their many locations in Jacksonville, Gainesville, or Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Kookaburra


Megan and Spencer are the owners of one of our favorite Australian coffee shops, The Kookaburra. Whether you stop by the store Downtown, on US 1, or Beachside, there is always delicious coffee waiting for you. Having used our digital menuboards for over 3 years now, they love how easily they can display new drinks and their favorite feature is the Instagram feed. “It’s so cool and our customers love it,” said Megan. If you’re in the St. Augustine area, stop in and grab a cup of Aussie iced coffee!

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Are you FDA approved?

Did you know that if you have a restaurant your menu and menu boards need to be in accordance with the FDA? Whether its calorie counts, catering menus, or specialty items, such as alcohol, there are certain guidelines to follow. Guidelines will be enforced starting May 2017.

On the FDA website you can view 58 pages of the law (21 CFR 101.11) written out, but it can be difficult and plain boring to read. Or you can download our simplified version that provides all the information you need and print it to hang in your restaurant. It’ll look great next to your labor laws poster!

FDA Guideline Banner Download


Why Are Digital Menus Thriving?

Six Reasons Menuat Lives Up To The Hype

Restaurant owners are presented with hundreds of choices and decisions on a daily basis. Many of these decisions surround their most prized possession, their menu. Menus can take on many forms like a simple single page of paper, chalk boards, menu books and now there are entire sub categories based on the newer digital frontier alone. Digital menus can be displayed on television monitors, projection screens, mobile phones, websites, tablets and more. While many restauranteurs are ready to embrace digital menus, others are hesitant to adopt this emerging technology. So let’s break down the top six reasons our digital menus are taking the lead.

1.) Your Brand’s Identity and Promise

Digital menus are one of the many things that your customers will see each and every time they enter a restaurant. The digital menu represents the restaurant’s tone, aesthetic, brand, selections, specials and more. Menu boards are a reliable, consistent message to the patrons even when staff members may be under the weather, in the weeds or otherwise distracted. By going digital with Menuat, business owners are never restricted to templates, forms, colors or fonts. Menuat’s custom design service will seamlessly reinforce the brand you have built.

2.) Images, Animations, Full Video, Interactive Content

Digital Menus can do so much more than their chalkboard or static counterparts. The digital world can feature simple or complex animations, full video or can be made interactive with touchscreen capabilities. Digital Menus can be automatically day-parted to display the breakfast menu until it is scheduled to switch to the lunch menu.

3.) Leverage Social Media

Google is constantly changing the algorithms that define a website’s organic ranking, sometimes with little warning and even less explanation. One component that seems to be weighted more each time is a business’ social media footprint. Digital menu boards can incorporate those feeds in real time directly on the board. This allows for business owners to instantly engage with their customers, build brand loyalties and attract the younger demographics. Social media outlets can work hand-in-hand with digital menu boards to relay information to a fan base like a change in hours, daily specials, event announcements and other newsworthy messages.

4.) Cost Savings, Going Green

Many business owners can save on reprinting traditional menu boards for changes, and reduce dollars spend on printed to-go menus. Menuat creates digital menus with HTML 5 responsive design, so creating a digital menu with a mobile-friendly counterpart allows restaurant’s customers to always have the most up-to-date version of the menu in their pocket.

5.) Menuat Designers Are Second-To-None

Digital menus are a customer-facing marketing vehicle. So much time and energy goes into creating a logo, tagline, colors and menu items. With a well designed digital menu, those efforts can be followed through. Menuat’s in-house design studio, We Are Charette, is led by award-winning designer, Emily Charette. Over Emily’s career she has worked with respected brands like: Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Dallas Cowboys and Blue Marble Brands.

6.) Easy To Update Content

Menuat’s proprietary content management system is specifically designed to make a restaurant owner’s day easier. Menu updates can be made quickly and easily with our cloud-based CMS. Updates can be made from any device with an internet connection from computers to tablets to mobile phones. By going digital, your menu is always up to date.

Menuat team members are well-versed in menu psychology. Get started with a free/no obligation menu analysis:

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